Why Choose Us?


BCI Motors is a supplier of electric two-wheeler Supplier company with a mission to sell two-wheeler that can ride along with us to the future. We proudly say that we have India’s smartest, economical with premium design two-wheeler…

We strongly believe that all electric bikes should be supplied and maintained by a professional ebike dealer i.e. we are, as local to you, the rider as possible. As we are expert dealer will offer you the opportunity to test ride your chosen Wisper and are able to give expert advice regarding the best bike to suit your needs.


• Faith
We believe that, to be truly successfull in business & in life, we must always be honest and open with our customers, our agents, and our employess. We believe that openness & honesty make for the best long relationships because it leads to trust and faith.

• Excellence & Growth
We will continously grow and excellent in all the activities, we undertake because we take an new challenges. It’s an endless cycle, and it’s good thing, growth of every Customers, Supplier & Employees in our organization.

• Innovation
We promote an innovative culture and attitude. We think differently and strive to apply innovative thinking & creativity to everything we do. Innovations ia key drive for our growth, We will develop..

• Team Work
We work together as one team across our group, We understand and trust each of our team members. We share ideas and best practices. We help our colleagues to grow personally & professionally. We play Hard.

• Contribution

We believe that corporate, social responsiblity is ,to continously contribute to society through it’s core business. As we launch business, create new value & build interpersonal relationships, we hope to contribute directly & indirectly to the healty growth of local communities for better standarts of living for everyone.

• Vision

To create a greener value in the market by making such a greener products which can help to lead environmental benefits for the betterment of human being and nature…!

• Mission

To change each and every gasoline bike existing on roads by Battery Operated Bikes and Scooters.

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